Classic Series A

New cloud funding model

Enterprise Cloud Business Applications aren’t like other startups, the amount of capital and the early business foundations are profoundly specialized.

At Cloud Apps Capital Partners, we understand the value of these businesses in the early stages.

Our operational and investing experience in enterprise cloud business applications gives us the ability to invest earlier and help our portfolio companies gain strategic advantages throughout the journey.

The Classic Series A:(verb) The right amount of capital and assistance to hire key executives, demonstrate customer success, and define your CAC model; $2M-$10M.

Cloud Apps Capital Classic Series A

Market-focused expert advisory for strategy development in: GTM, product, marketing, partnerships, customer success, and cloud platform technology
$2-$10M and pre-visible traction
An experienced board member to support your executive team
The best cloud business applications network to aid your hiring & team development needs
Partnership strategy & execution
Reserve capital for follow-on financings
Facilitate value-add angel investor syndicates tailored to your business
Frame your business for later stage financings

Our team’s 20+ years market experience + our network of the world’s leading cloud business executives results in a diligence process that allows us to identify global category leading cloud business application companies prior to traction. Post investment, this differentiation provides unfair advantages during the critical growth stages and throughout the company lifecycle.